Charity Support

How we can help.

How You Can Help?

  • Corporate donation
  • Charity hardware redeployment schemes
  • Internal staff purchase scheme, with purchase values going to charity

If you want to help local charitable causes, schools, churches or the community in general, ITHSCI can help. We provide a unique hardware disposal service that benefits the above groups and you the equipment owner through great CSR.

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How Does It Work?

We agree with you, the equipment owner, the schedule of equipment to be donated to a worthy cause.

We collect, audit, refurbish and most importantly comply with your data security protocols, whether hard disk destruction or data erasure. We use our industry expertise to provide a fully certified refurbishment process. This gives you, the equipment owner, the knowledge that all GDPR requirements have been met, whilst also giving your used equipment to great causes.

We engage with local community groups, school and charities to distribute the equipment locally.

Alternatively with the equipment owners agreement we will refurbish and resell the kit to our buyers. We will pre-agree a percentage value that will be donated to either your chosen charity or ITHSCI chosen charity.

Either way, full publicity , if wanted, will be sought for all parties.

Great CSR for limited financial costs.

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Equipment donated by ITHS to local organisations.

We love helping organisations and individuals that otherwise would not have had access to equipment.
We work with our clients and identify an agreed percentage of equipment that we will refurbish and then donate free of charge to local causes.
If your company has equipment and you feel our scheme could be of benefit, then please get in contact with us.

  • Macmillan -Jersey

  • Recovery College

  • Lenovo Laptop

  • Jersey Woman’s Refuge

  • Private Individual