Cost Effective Data Erasure.

Data Erasure over destruction is cost effective, ecologically better for the environment and certified to destroy all data.

Erasure Services.

We provide cutting edge erasure services.

On-site Erasure Services

Off-site Erasure Services

Remote Erasure Services

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We work for all clients across the Channel Islands with




Storage Systems

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Chrome Devices

ITHSCI.COM provide a remote data erasure and hardware collection services for the erased device.

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Erasure Partner

ITHSCI.COM is the approved Channel Island partner for the world class leading data erasure software service provider.

Words from Jean-Claude Cramley “Certus Software collaboration with Stuart and ITHSCI.COM is an exciting development in our corporate goal of providing world class data erasure services, with Stuarts knowledge of the Channel Islands unique requirements and his 30 years providing innovative services to blue chip clients we are excited to support Stuart in the his new enterprise. Whilst Stuart has a great technical knowledge we are here to provide the additional resources that the larger complex erasure requirements will need to meet clients exacting data destruction needs”.

Words from Stuart Moseley – MD “IT Hardware Services (SM) Ltd”

“In the modern remote working world remote data erasure can be a game changer for the redeployment of devices and safe transit back to your offices, with ITHS collaboration with Certus we will provide the Channel Islands clients with access to world class data erasure services, we provide certified reports of successful erasure for all OS platforms and all makes of equipment. Our reporting systems for erased and refurbished equipment is a game changer here in the Channel Islands allowing clients to erasure huge numbers of devices are data erased efficiently whilst protecting the environment from the reuse or large volumes of equipment.

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Erasure Solutions.

If you have devices that need erasure we can provide a solution, any localtion, local or remote.

Why data erase over destruction.

A:- Cost savings over traditional shredding services.
B:- Government certified software, guaranteeing data erasure with zero recoverable data.
C:- Good for the environment, reuse of resources.
D:- Potential revenue return.
E:- Bespoke security protocol to clients exact standards.

On-site data erasure.
We come to your premises and erase all assets before leaving the building.

Remote data erasure.
We provide remote software for local erasure, reports to remote SQL server.

Off-site data erasure.
We remove equipment and data erase at our facility.

Our technical staff can undertake the erasure or your own in house teams can be trained in erasure protocols.

Discuss our remote monitor and data wipe services.

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We Are Hardware Specialists.

We work with most brands and most ages of equipment, providing buying , selling, rental and erasure solutions for new and used hardware.

We have 33 years knowledge in the used hardware industry and probably the best working knowledge of hardware types in the Channel Islands.