FAQ – Data Erasure

What does data erasure actually do
It erases ALL data on your device.

What type of devices can be erased
All types of data holding devices can be data erased.

Desktop PC’s, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Servers, Storage Arrays.
Any form of modern technology can be data erased.

Our software will erase
Any windows based device.
Any IOS based device.
Any Linux based device.

Some items will need special configuration or engineer intervention.
Chrome books, mobile phones

Is it easy to erase a device
Yes, just purchase our software from our shop, and download the license.

How does ITHSCI data erasure work
You download our software from our shop,
Install and run the .exe file on a 64 bit windows based system
Follow all the on screen prompts

What happens if the erasure doesn’t complete successfully
Typically the erasure has completed, just not passed our high standard and thresholds.

Can I get a PDF certificate or report of the erasure
Yes the device will boot to a splash screen, showing that all of your data was erased.

This will also give you a link to a downloadable PDF document

How much does it cost to erase a device?
Our software costs £7:50per device, we class a device as a single hard drive in a system.

If you have have more than 1 hard drive in your system, please contact us and we will talk you through the process, you will need to buy additional license codes from us however.

Technical bit, worth a read.
Any erasure software will run a algorithm to erase every sector and byte of data on your hard disk drive,

A typical 500GB drive has 976,562,500 sectors, yes that’s over 976 million sector’s!
Each sectors holds typically 512 bytes of data,
How much data is 512 bytes of data.

A couple of examples.

A 1 MB photo file has 1,048,576 Bytes of data, or 2048 sectors of space used on the hard disk drive.
If you only stored 1MB files onto your hard disk drive you would fit 476,837 of 1MB files on the drive, give or take.

A 3 MB MP3 music file has 3,145,728 Bytes of data, or 6144 sectors of space used on the hard disk drive.

If you only stored 1MB files onto your hard disk drive you would fit 476,837 of 1MB files on the drive, give or take.

So a byte of data is not very big at all.

A hard disk drive also stores your data in different locations on the drive, so even a 1MB photo file may not be located in sectors next to each other.

Our hard drive erasure pass or fail threshold
Here at ITHS we believe that to data erase a typical 500GB hard drive, that we will pass any hard drive that has less than 1024 faulty sectors, or half a MB of data.

Any more than 1024 we report that the drive has failed the erasure, our report will also state how many sectors could not be data erased.

Our data erasure
Gives you a 100% guarantee that all data contained on the hard disk drive is erased.

If for whatever reason your hard disk drive has faulty sectors, (some manufacturers shipped new hard drives with dead sectors) the disk will still be erased, however the software will say fail.
This means that our software has erased all sectors currently working on the hard disk drive.
It can not erase sections that are faulty, or damaged sections.
So what does that mean, if your software erasure fails, if it is down to a faulty sector on the drive, this could still contain data, this amount of data can vary depending upon the number of faulty sectors. However as an example, a 500GB hard disk drive has approximately 976,562,500 yes that’s over 976 million sector’s!
So if your hard drive fails erasure with say 10 faulty sectors, then the remaining 976,562,490 have been data erased = very little data on the drive has been left their, all the rest has been destroyed.

Why will we fail a drive with a limited number of faulty sectors
Some organizations, (Police, Military, Banks etc.) have very tight security protocols, This means that if even 1 sector of the drive fails they will require the drive to be physically destroyed (crushed or shredded).
We have set a threshold of 1024 sectors as a pass or fail level.

Most drives will pass the erasure with zero faulty sectors.

Instructions to run our erasure software
Once you down load the ZIP file, unpack it onto your device you want to data erase.

YOU MUST, MUST, remove any external USB storage devices, so if you backed up your data that you want to keep to an external USB memory stick or a external USB hard disk drive, you must unplug these from your system. ONCE THE SOFTWARE STARTS, you CAN NOT recover your data. That’s the point, no one can get your data back.

Standards used
We have set our software to use the the NIST single pass erasure.

Cost of our software
This software costs £7:50 per device to be erased.