IT Hardware Services believe that our proactive approach to extending IT equipments’ life cycle helps protect the
environment, whilst being key to good Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices.

IT Hardware Services, Helping You Achieve Your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Goals

The use of improper disposal services presents a risk to your organisation’s reputation. At ITHSCI the security of your data is our top priority. We specialise in secure data destruction for clients across the Channel Islands. Our thorough processes help you avoid data breach liability and ensures compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws.

How does IT Hardware Services engage
the core ESG principles?

At ITHSCI our ESG values focus on excellent service provision and engagement with our clients, to provide sustainable services, focusing on:


• Re-use of E-waste, where possible

• Sustainable E-waste recycling for equipment that’s not fit for reuse

• Pollution prevention

• Sustainable data destruction solutions for reuse over destruction

• Re-use of materials over disposal or recycling


Supporting local community projects

• Donation of equipment across the Channel Islands to various charities

• Provision of cost-effective refurbished equipment for local resale

• Sustainable reuse of IT assets through local E-shop


• Confidentiality

• Data Security

• Data Destruction

• Management Reporting

• Risk Management

• Wellness of employees and clients

Why does it matter?

Good ESG practices have become widely recognised by organisations in the Channel Islands, UK and further afield. Sustainable and socially responsible principles benefit the workforce, the environment and our community. Here at IT Hardware Services, we believe that our proactive approach towards sustainability is more important than ever.

How does ITAD fit in?

Proper IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) can align with your ESG goals in many ways. There are several core components of ITAD, including data security, re-marketing and recycling, and each of them provides substantial ways to enhance ESG.

How IT Hardware Services Can Help Improve clients ESG footprint

Our commitment to recycling solutions ensure that no needless e-waste is discarded in landfills or through waste to energy facilities. We recycle and re-sell as much equipment as possible. Any IT assets such as desktops, laptops, servers, screens, storage arrays, network equipment, printers, portable devices, etc that can be refurbished are re-marketed for sale, through various sales channels including our local e-shop, thereby contributing to a Circular Economy model. This prevents useful IT equipment from being prematurely scrapped and extends the product’s useful life span, helping the Channel Islands move towards a zero e-waste future.

Equipment donated by ITHS to local organisations.

We love helping organisations and individuals that otherwise would not have had access to equipment.
We work with our clients and identify an agreed percentage of equipment that we will refurbish and then donate free of charge to local causes.

  • Macmillan -Jersey

  • Recovery College

  • Healing Waves

  • Jersey Woman’s Refuge

  • Private Individual