Hardware Parts Supply

If you need a part, we can get it.

We may have it in stock here in Jersey.

Local Parts Availability

Local parts availability sometimes creates a mission critical event.

Here at ITHSCI.com we understand this and will do everything in our power to supply that vital part as quickly as possible.

That may entail us keeping parts in stock for your unique hardware estate, or flying in parts at short notice from our extensive UK brokerage network, we have been known to fly to the UK to pick up a urgent part and get it to the client same day (Bunch of HDD for a mission critical array).

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Coming Soon.

In the coming months we will start to create a local stock inventory of parts available here in Jersey, if its on our stock system it will be ready for delivery here in Jersey within 2 hours.

All we ask is that you purchase the item through our website and call us immediately for us to arrange delivery.

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We Are Here To Help.

If the part you need is not listed in our inventory, we probably will be able to get it delivered to you within 24 hours.

Call us with as much details of the part you need and we will work our magic.