IT Hardware Services (SM) Ltd

The Channel Islands Hardware Solution Provider.

We Provide Innovation In Hardware Services.

Who we are

Stuart Moseley setup a Channel Islands hardware services company in 1995. In 2018 Stuart sold that business to a Channel Islands investment company.

With Stuart’s business and industry knowledge we launched
IT Hardware Services (SM) Ltd as a Jersey limited company based in Jersey and providing professional, secure hardware solutions.

Stuart is looking forward to providing bespoke and cutting edge IT Hardware Services over the coming years. We know we can solve complex hardware problems with bespoke solutions by providing value for money services along with tangible financial returns for equipment we purchase.

What we do

  • We solve clients hardware problems.
  • Our unique agile approach will solve complex hardware issues.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to solve your hardware problems.

With over 33 years experience in the used hardware industry we pride ourselves in the ability to provide bespoke hardware solutions.

We Buy Hardware
We Supply Hardware
We Solve Hardware Problems

Please get in touch to see if we can solve your IT requirements.