Remote Data Erasure

If you are a business user or home user our software will erase all data on any 64 bit Windows type laptop or desktop devices.

Easy to install, easy to use, certified to NCSC government standards.

After successful erasure all data on the device is guaranteed destroyed.

Erases all of your data.

Easy to follow installation instructions carried out by you at home.

No hassle, easy download file.

Bring your data erased equipment to us for a refund on the license cost, or donate the license cost to our chosen charity.

Once erased you are safe to sell the equipment, donate to charity or even take it to the dump in the knowledge that your data is destroyed.

Remote Erasure Solutions.

If you have devices that need erasure we can provide a solution, any location, local or remote.

Why data erase over destruction.

A:- Cost savings over traditional shredding services.
B:- Government certified software, guaranteeing data erasure with zero recoverable data.
C:- Good for the environment, reuse of resources.
D:- Potential revenue return.

Simple to comply and be safe.

Our software data erases ALL data on your device.

Government approved.


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