Security Consultancy

Hardware security, knowledge, training and audit.

Security Consultancy

GDPR regulations stipulate laws around live data, data breaches and reporting of data breaches.
They do not give any clear directives for secure disposal of hardware at end of life.

Data loss through hardware issues can occur through simple and easy to fix holes in your internal and external supplier systems.

Most data loss issues can easily be mitigated with the correct approach to each element of control in the disposal process.

Our consultancy services help solve data loss through hardware related issues.

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We have the answer:-

If you need to understand where any item of equipment can hold data then we will have the answer. We have over 32 years helping clients with data destruction services.

Not only will we have the answer, we will be able to advise on the correct procedures to eradicate this data held within a device once you have finished using it.

We can provide consultancy on who to use for each element of data protection.

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We Are Used Hardware Specialists.

We work with most brands and most ages of equipment, providing buying and selling solutions for new and used hardware.

We have 33 years knowledge in the used hardware industry and probably the best working knowledge of hardware types in the Channel Islands.